Why Couturects?

Our team comes from manufacturing; we’ve all been on the “other side”.

We know the machines.

We know the techniques.

We know the materials.

We know the people.

Our core team and management consists only of italian-born, highly skilled consultants coming from primary italian fashion sourcing facilities.

That’s why we named ourselves “couturects”, couture architects.

Materials research and selection

All the materials you need to for your next collection; selected, grouped and sent straight to your studio.

Techpacks and Bills of materials

Provide your sampling and production sourcing facilities with all the information they need to develop your fashion styles.

Knitwear dedicated team

Work with our team dedicated to the world of knitwear, helping fashion designers in quest for the proper yarn count, machine gage, and stitching.

Global presence

We speak english and french, granting a worldwide presence with out team of highly skilled fashion consultants.


10 via G. Mayr
20122 Milan, Italy
+39 02 8295 7933
VAT 11384570963